sabato 28 febbraio 2009

Using NetBeans Profiler with a Grails App

I had some problems finding out resources about how to use the NetBeans profiler with a Grails app.
NetBeans doesn't know how to attach the profiler to a Grails application, so you have to configure the Attach Mode: here is how to configure NetBeans 6.5.
- Deploy the war in the application server as usual (Tomcat for example)
- From the NetBeans menu choose: Profile > Attach Profiler...
- Click on the Attach Mode link
- Select J2EE Web app as Target Type and the application server type where the application is deployed
- Select Local as attach method and Direct as attach invocation
- Click next > next and choose auto integration
- Insert your application server install directory and your target jdk
- In the next page click the Perform button (NetBeans will change the startup script of the application server)
- Follow the instruction in the next page to start your application server (or let NetBeans start it for you)
- Click Finish and in the Profiler window click Attach

Now the profiler is attached to your application in your Application Server

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