lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

It's been a long time...

...since my last post.
Whew...more than one year. A busy year.
I know that you don't care about what I've done in the last year, and I won't tell you.

So, why am I back here on the blog ?
Well, when I decided to write a blog was just to keep some sort of technical notebook. Sometimes I had some particular problem for which I could not find a good solution on Internet, or simply I just wanted to take note on how to do something. Like in a schetchbook. But then, most of the time I simply forgot to write on the blog, even about some really interesting stuff.

So, the question again, why am I back here after all this time ?

In the last years I've worked on a lot of diferent projects, often with some really good people. Now, in the last few months, I've been mainly working from home, and I will for at least some more months.
And I miss all those coffee machine talks with those great developers, all those wonderful technology insight that came out in front of a drink or a beer at the Sports Bar. So, I'm writing here some of the things that I would say there. Not only a virtual notebook, but also a virtual coffee machine and a virtual Sports Bar. Almost the same as the real one.

Except for the beer, of course.

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